Ten Major Challenges with Public Schools

Some people will debate that the education system’s state has various rooms for development. Nevertheless, a development plan to bring the educational system to the right path is easier to think and say but not easy to implement. The initial challenge that arises in recognizing fundamental issues keeping the learners from studying today. It is a challenge in the sector because the issues may vary considerably depending on who is defining them, whether the parents, learners, educations, or the makers of law. Here are the major challenges that the public schools are experiencing currently; it is based on the perspective of many involved in the education world today. 

The size of the classroom 

There are many classrooms in various countries that are still not as big as they should be and they get so filled with students that there is not much space to study and educate comfortably. In Virginia, Fairfax County has been working on a proposal to increase the sizes of the classrooms in the face of significant cuts of budget. Many tutors agree that they cannot concentrate on each student in the classroom simultaneously, so if there are thirty students in a classroom, they cannot focus on every one of them.  


Poverty is a big issue that lacks education behind for the students going through it. According to a report by Technorati the last fall, 22% of the kids in the United States lived below or at the poverty level. The American Graduate specifies a report from the Southern Education Foundation that demonstrates that in seventeen states across the United States, the students with low-income comprise most of the public schools in those governments. The dropout rates are higher for the students who are living below or at the poverty level. They do not get much sleep and food, which leads to low academic potential. The educational systems are aware of the issues, and despite working on providing every essential that are basic, they cannot do enough. 

Factors of the families 

Family plays a huge part in the ability of the tutor to teach the students. The teachers and principles all agree that a student’s family impacts their tendency to learn in school and at home. The issues in the families can be poverty, single parent, a dispute among parents, violence, and many other negative things. The student-facing such things from their family member negatively affect the brain, and they bring that along with them at their schools. It affects their academic progress, health, and mental health, and more things can destroy their future. In these cases, many parents are unwilling to meet the teachers to provide their child with the environment, which becomes a huge challenge for the school.  


The world is in the grip of technology today, and we all love it. But it causes a lack of concentration for the students as every student to have tech at home today. Moreover, they know more things than their teachers. They are also taking advantage of technology, like taking help for their Essay from Nursing Essay Help So if the educational system includes technology in classrooms, students’ academic progress will get better, and their concentration, but the issue is that some schools cannot afford the technology. So it remains a big challenge for them.   


Bullying is a big issue that most schools do not take seriously. It leads to many harmful situations for the students. It affects the learning aptitude of the students facing bullying. There is not just one type of bullying, and among them, one is cyberbullying, which is happening the most. It also leads to suicides as there is no one to help the victim, and it becomes a burden that leads to such actions. The administrators, teachers, and parents are still not aware of how they can tackle this issue legally. 

Behaviour and attitude of students 

Various public schools specify the attitudes and behaviours of the students who do not respect the teachers. They do what they want and do not have any disciplines, and these happen the most in the secondary school level instead of the primary grades. It leads to a challenge for the teachers to teach and maintain discipline in their classrooms.  

Involvement of parents 

According to the teachers, the happy medium often does not exist because of the involvement of parents. Their involvement is like disturbance as some parents disappear and do not attend school meetings; no matter what happens, they do not show up. Some parents keep on hovering over the student, so it creates interference in the education of students and teaching both.

Health of students

Health comes first before anything because when we are healthy, we can do everything. So when It comes to education, students should stay fit and healthy to learn and grow better. The biggest issue is obesity that students go through because of easting poor. Poor eating habits increase high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Obesity occurs mostly in students because they eat from the canteens in school, and it is unhealthy as it is not something healthy to eat for lunch. So it is a difficult task for public schools to decrease health issues. 


One of the huge challenges is budget cuts in the public schools in current years. Less funding leads to less staff, a fewer number of services, and few resources. These things are very important for the educational system as it enhances education for students, staff, and teachers. There are more issues in the public schools other than funding but recognizing the issue is half of the challenge. But suppose parents, schools, and lawmakers decide to come along together and do something about these issues. It will help the educational system, and the students will also get better education as it is a step towards a better future. So thinking about the students’ future, it is important to solve the problem as soon as possible and resolve it in public schools. 

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