Top 3 WordPress Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022?

Today, the rapid advancement in technology has led to the rise of a digital landscape that is completely dynamic and witnesses a rapid change in trends in the upcoming year. As SMEs, small businesses, and enterprises, you must adopt the latest trends to keep pace with the rapidly growing competition.

If you are a WordPress user looking to gain technical and managerial exposure in the competition, you must know about the prevailing trends in 2022. Hence, this blog will talk about the most important trends that’ll skyrocket the market segment in 2022.

1)   The Rise of AI & VR

The global essence in AI and VR has immensely transformed the WWW, and the websites are no exception either. According to WordPress development experts, AI and VR technologies have drastically benefitted the eCommerce industry to the next level. The enterprises can now leverage them to improve the functional look and feel of the products on their websites.

Customers cannot obtain enough information about AI and VI, and there are solid reasons behind their fascination with these cutting-edge technologies. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality is going to skyrocket in the forthcoming years. In recent years, AI and VR have transformed customer interaction with websites and will still progress further soon. As a business owner, you must also consider using augmented reality and virtual reality on your website for increased sales and customers satisfaction.

Using such insights, AR & VR enables potential customers to view 360-degree images and videos in WordPress using premium plugins such as AR Play, WP VR, and more. If you want to include this unique technology on your website, contact the WordPress development agency that proves that AR & VR technologies were quite helpful during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, where most of the transactions were performed digitally. Hence, the shopping trends will survive in the long-tenured even after everything comes to a normal position.

2)   Inducement of Drag & Drop Page Builders

It’s proven that WordPress development agencies across the globe often prefer drag and drop page builders because of their rapid application development look and feel and easiness with immense exposure of how the website will look after certain changes have been made. For this purpose, you can also use several plugins based on your needs. For Instance, DIVI and Elementor are some of the most popular WordPress page builders that can be helpful for you to develop websites in a mere few minutes without any hassle of code.

It is expected that in 2022, the website development industry will experience a major expansion in terms of Website development and relevant aspects associated with the WordPress Page Builders and drag and drop graphical user interfaces, etc.

3)   Voice Search Optimization for WordPress

Most consumers are reliant on the web every day, and it seems something valuable. It means that we are consistently searching with our vocal intents or voices. Using voice search, we can find quite complicated things in terms of typing, but it is also very useful to us. For Instance, if you are trying to find a hotel during your travel, you can just say, “Where is a luxury accommodation near me”? Then your search will be more successful than if you were looking to type in some words on google or ask someone to find it for you.

You need to search on the web using the vocal tone that helps you find your objective on the search engine result pages. Although most default search engines are still unreliable and outdated, people still use the default method to find great content online. The same goes for Google Now, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana, who always rely on a single voice to drive seamless results. 

Likewise, you can make the optimal use of voice search to leverage your website’s SEO features via helping users search for their favorite products or services using voice search measures. Furthermore, voice search is also transforming the way people get an answer to their queries. If you want your WordPress site to attract more customers in the coming year, you should focus on deploying voice search optimization metrics on your WordPress site.


Indeed, by reading this blog, you’ve obtained a sufficient amount of information regarding WordPress development trends that will help you to improve your brand identity with high-grade apps, websites, and modern technologies. Hence, the future of WordPress development is emerging, and it will further progress in the forthcoming years.

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