8 Ways You Get Great Results With Glyconutrients

1- Drink Pure Spring Water. At a minimum, you should take the body’s weight, in pounds and divide it by 2 and drink the equivalent of pounds of Pure Spring Water everyday so that your cells are ‘bathed’ the bath of Glyconutrients. For instance, a woman who weighs 120lbs should drink at least 60 ounces Pure spring water every day. Rose Tea 

2- Consume Fiber. Utilizing a fiber supplement of high quality or consuming the diet with a high amount of fiber and raw vegetables can improve the effects you can get from glyconutrients.

3- Do not take glyconutrients of any type in the absence of food. Why? It won’t harm you but your body will use it to generate energy. It’s a lot of energy. Glyconutrients are most effective in food, or mixed into drinks.

4. Do not take supplements to boost your fiber intake within 1 hour of taking any other supplement.

5- Give Your Body Time to Start Healing. Most illnesses progress slowly over several years(or even years). Like being sick, getting well requires time. I’ve observed many people not see any results until after the 4th or even the 6th month after taking the glyconutrients at a discount. Why? It can take months(or perhaps several years) before your body can replace unhealthy cells by healthy cells. To find out more about this, visit What is the earliest time I should anticipate to begin experiencing the benefits of nutritional supplements? By Jane Ramberg, MS @ Glycoscience.org .

6Increase Your Absorption of Glyconutrients. Based on Dr. Milner you can enhance the absorption of your low-cost glyconutrients by not swallowing them. Instead you can do two easy steps:

It is. Allow them to dissolve in the mouth to ensure that they are absorption in your mouth, not in your stomach (this takes around 1 minute). There is no need for water to accomplish this-your saliva is enough.

B. Take smaller doses frequently, such as 1/4 or 1/8 of one teaspoon at a moment throughout the day, for example, every half an hour or so. I’ve begun doing this for myself and would recommend it to anyone.

(Dr. Martin Milner is the Medical Director and President of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and an Associate Professor of Cardiology as well as is a research expert in the Center for Natural Medicine, Inc. Dr. Milner is also a person of immense humility and courage , having given a public “confession” and apology in front of 6400 people in a conference that was held internationally at the Dallas Stadium in Texas in March 2004. He admitted. Milner publicly admitted, that for SEVEN YEARS He had not been aware of the Glyconutrient technology and believed that the enthusiasm of many people about it was just hype and misguided excitement over something of no real importance. In the end, if it were that important then surely he would have been aware of it. He acknowledged to God for the fact that somebody finally spoke to him. And when he spent the time to study this latest science and technology and discovered that he missed some of the more important discoveries of the last century. Today, Dr. Milner is doing his best to compensate for the lost time by teaching other physicians about this fantastic new technology. He also of course , he has ALL his patients covered by this “edible health insurance.”)

7- Take ALL THREE of the most basic products: Glyco Antioxidant, Phytosterol, a food-based vitamin. The three items represent four different sciences that work synergistically, much like the four wheels of the car.

Cellular communication is through glyconutrients Anti-oxidant protection from free radicals as well as “internal terrorists”
Natural plant hormones supplied by phytosterol
Minerals and essential vitamins in food-based form to ensure maximum absorption of the vitamin derived from food.

You won’t settle for only one or two tires , would you? Don’t accept less than you require!

8. Take the right amount of glyconutrients to meet your body’s needs. Be aware that the serving size that is listed in the back of the bottle of glyconutrients supplements is the minimum recommended for adults who are with “good” health. If you’re not sure the right amount for you, please speak to your representative. When you purchase glyconutrients, be aware that a bottle may not last a whole month if you are suffering from an illness.

Note Legal disclaimer: The Glyconutrients aren’t meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, however, scientific research has demonstrated a link between the consumption of specific foods with in the treatment of chronic illnesses. The information provided should not be considered replacement for medical advice or confirmed medical advice and treatment.

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