What is the shelf life of a food?

The useful life of a food is the period of time that goes from its preparation to the moment it ceases to have an acceptable quality for consumption.

The shelf life, in this way, marks the time during which the food in question is suitable to be consumed or, in other cases, the period during which it maintains acceptable sensory, functional and nutritional characteristics.

All this is included in the EU Regulation 1169/2011 , which sets the regulations on labeling at the European Union level. This law marks all the obligations of the food industry regarding the setting of expiration dates and those of preferential consumption.

What if the container has been opened?

Without a doubt, we have all heard warnings about containers that we find open in stores. The truth is that they have a certain basis in relation to food safety .

Both the expiration dates and the preferred consumption dates are established based on specific storage and conservation parameters . Just as it would not occur to anyone to take a product from the refrigerated section that was placed, for example, with the cleaning products, we should not buy those that have the container open .

The point is that, in that case, the parameters established by the manufacturer have been violated. This can cause the life of the product to be shortened considerably. In fact, if we read the labels carefully, in many articles the storage conditions appear once the product container is opened.

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