10 Things You Need to Know About Customized Packaging Boxes

Customized packaging boxes are an excellent way to make your brand stand out in the crowd. You can choose from all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors for your custom box. The custom cartridge boxes are a prime example. If you’re looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy that will give your brand instant recognition at trade shows or special events, then customized packaging boxes are just what you need. 

Customized packaging boxes are indeed a great way to showcase your products appealingly. However, you need to consider some dos and don’ts when getting these products made for your business. The following ten-point guide will ensure that you get exactly what you want from quality custom packaging boxes!

Ask Your Supplier to Provide Samples:      

Ask your supplier to provide samples of the customized boxes they create for other customers. This will give you a better idea of what type of design and pattern would look good on your products. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to communicate with the customer exactly what you want from your custom box printing. You can also discuss price options before getting any work done!

Put Some Thought into the Design:       

Put some thought into the design if it’s on both sides of the packaging box. Make sure that it looks cohesive and doesn’t seem like two separate designs slapped together by accident! Also, think about how many products you’ll put in each customized box and their size when choosing a certain style or size of the box.

Use Custom Packaging Boxes:

You can design custom packaging boxes with or without flaps on the front and side. If you’re planning on having a stackable design for your product, consider not putting flaps to save space! Also, if you want your item to be seen immediately after opening the custom box, opt for a flap that doesn’t cover anything but still allows people to see what’s inside easily. While getting this type of design may seem complicated, it’s all decided during the customizing process!

Take Advantage of Customized Printing:       

Be sure to take advantage of customized printing if you need something specific from your packaging boxes. For example, some businesses may want extra protection against tampering or transport damage by choosing tamper-evident custom printed corrugated boxes.

Container Size Matters:

Make sure that the size of the box matches the size of what you intend to ship; if not, find another box or see if two smaller boxes would work better than one large one (especially for fragile items).

You can go here for a list of common sizes to help you determine the dimensions of your box. Just make sure to select “custom” to see all available options.

Think About the Size of Your Custom Packaging:       

Think about the size of your custom packaging boxes before ordering them, especially if you’re looking to ship out multiple products in one shipment. If you have larger items, make sure that they fit within the box’s dimensions, or choose a larger size box! Also, if you are shipping light-sensitive products, it is best to get dark custom printed corrugated boxes since these won’t affect the quality of your item with too much exposure.

Use Templates for Your Customized Boxes:    

If you want to ensure that your packaging project is done correctly, consider using templates for your customized boxes. This would save physical man-hours and ensure quality since you’ll be able to proofread the dimensions before printing out the design onto the materials!

Use upcycled materials such as Kraft paper and corrugated cardboard. Of course, you don’t want your boxes to look like they were made out of recycled junk mail; however, using these lower-quality materials gives the impression that your company does not focus on material excess and is more concerned with providing a high-quality product rather than image.

Looking for An Eco-Friendly Packaging Option:

If you are looking for an eco-friendly packaging option, consider hemp fiber boxes. They are 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable, pest resistant, and, if burned in controlled conditions, produce little or no fumes. Unfortunately, although they are reusable containers popular with many dry food products in Europe, they have yet to penetrate the American market, so they might be difficult to come by.

Paperboard is the most common material that you can use for packaging boxes, but it is also one of the most expensive. It is recyclable and takes far less energy to produce than plastic or Styrofoam, making it more sustainable in this regard as well. Many companies are switching from foam to paperboard because of its environmental benefits. Suppose you’re looking for a quick guide of what kind of box materials to use for your product. In that case, paperboard will ensure that your food products arrive safely but, more importantly, that they do not damage the environment during transit.

One material gaining steam in recent years is compressed peat moss, which absorbs harmful emissions from trucks and plants greenery on the land as it decomposes.

More Rigid a Packaging Material:       

Different types of materials are good for different things. You can test them out by buying some boxes from your local office supply store and trying them out with a box cutter. If you want to find out which boxes meet safety, durability, and eco-friendly standards, then go online. There are many websites that will tell you. If you send fragile products in a box, put air cushions on the other side so the items stay safe.

Find the Best Prices on Boxes:

Make sure to research your potential suppliers for the best prices on boxes. Keep in mind that if you only purchase a few, there might not be any reason to go with a custom box supplier; it would be cheaper to purchase an off-the-shelf generic box online or buy them at your local office supply store. You can save more money by ordering wholesale custom boxes.


Customized packaging boxes are a great way to market products. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly option or something more rigid, there is a box that will work for the majority of your needs. Customizing your own boxes is the best because you can make them how you want them. You can also print on them. If you are looking for wholesale prices, look at other places to order from. Find out how we can help with our vast knowledge in all things related to containers and container sizes!

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