Can the Smartphone be insured against theft and damage?

In Peru, about 90% of urban inhabitants have a cell phone, while half of these Peruvians have a Smartphone .

However, few know that these devices, like a vehicle or a property, can be insured against any eventuality.

The manager of the innovation and customer experience division of Pacífico Seguros, María Félix Torrese, stated that when buying a new Smartphone you can also purchase an insurance policy to protect it.

“This insurance provides coverage if the cell phone is dropped and broken, even if it is stolen, and the cost will depend on the range of equipment,” he said.

Thus, the telephone companies that operate in the country offer their clients a protection service for their mobile phone, which is backed by some insurance companies.


Every time phones improve in quality, which leads to an increase in their price and, in turn, increases the demand from customers looking to protect their mobile equipment.

This protection includes coverage for physical damage to equipment, technical failures in the system (after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired), and theft.

Likewise, it can only be purchased through the operating company with which the purchase contract was signed and for postpaid equipment as the amount of the premium must be paid monthly along with the telephone service.

In the event of a claim, the insurance covers a percentage of the repair or replacement of the mobile equipment, depending on the case, an amount that will be calculated on the prepaid price of the insured Smartphone.

For damages or failures, and depending on the telephone operator, the client must pay a deductible that ranges between 25% and 30%, while if the client suffers the theft of his cell phone, he will pay close to 40%.

For example, the cost of Claro’s service, which is backed by Rimac, to insure a device goes from S / 18 per month if the price of the phone is in a range from S / 150 to S / 749, the premium increases to S / 27 if the cell phone costs between S / 750 and S / 1,249, and it grows to S / 45 if the cell phone exceeds a price of S / 1,250.

For its part, Entel, to insure a Samsung Galaxy A80 phone, charges a fixed monthly amount of S / 42 and, in case of replacement of the equipment, the customer will pay S / 900.

The operators provide coverage for two claims within a 12-month period between the first and second claim, after which the service is deactivated, and, if the client requires it, they can rehire it when acquiring a new equipment.

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