5 techniques to get the most out of your bronzer

Through exfoliation you will avoid a contrast between the different areas of the body and your skin tone will be much more uniform.

No matter what time of year we are and what the weather is like, if you consider that a darker skin tone would bring out the best in you but that the sun would damage your skin, a good ally can be the bronzer .

The effect of the sun’s rays on the skin is becoming more and more harmful , especially for people with very fair skin, so even when using suntan lotion, you have to be cautious.


It is proven that applying the bronzer at the last minute does not have a decent effect and if you do not apply it in time, unsightly stains can occur, denoting a tan that is not natural .

Therefore, it is best to do a test in advance to see how your skin reacts, the amount of product your body needs and how the product reacts to a hot day.

Sometimes when it is extremely hot, sweat can cause your tan to slip and welts appear, causing the product to discolor your clothes . If you want to avoid it, use the tanning cream in advance.


Two or three days before applying the tan for a special occasion, it is very effective to deeply exfoliate the skin , especially in areas with a tendency to accumulate dead cells, such as the heels , knees and elbows .


To achieve a much more lasting and homogeneous effect, it is necessary that the skin is in perfect condition and clean , so you must keep it hydrated and deeply nourished with creams rich in oils or specific before applying the tan – pre-tanning creams -, that replace moisturizer.

Some of the most effective contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) , a molecule that when it comes into contact with the skin causes oxidation of the outermost layer of our dermis, which produces a tan.

To keep the body hydrated, it is good to eat a balanced diet of foods rich in vitamins E and B, such as fish and legumes that keep the body hydrated and prolong the tan.


Bronzers that contain plant extracts and progressive results will be much more effective on your skin. In addition, the fact that its results are progressive will favor a much more natural and lasting finish , since, if it does not have a progressive effect, the effect on your skin may last less than a week.


Everything you can do to promote your skin’s tan helps, so even if you use a bronzer, it is important that you help your body capture the sun’s rays and promote the production of melanin in your body through the vitamin A .

In that sense, eating foods rich in carotene such as carrots, turnip greens, curly cabbage, watercress, spinach, red pepper, chard, apricot, tomato and lettuce will help your skin to take on color.


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