How to use the self tanner correctly?

To show off a good tan, not only do you have to expose yourself to UVA rays and there are healthier and longer-lasting alternatives that offer optimal results.

Tanning is one of the most popular aesthetic desires among men and women, especially when summer arrives. Going to the beach and lying in the sun to tan your skin is the most popular – and desirable – method of tanning, but also the most dangerous for your health. Long exposure to UVA rays can be devastating to the skin. A quick and healthy alternative are self-tanners , which are increasingly emerging as the best option to look tan.

Self- tanning cosmetics have evolved over time and are no longer the tinted products that emerged years ago. The latest generation lotions promise to offer a uniform and natural tone, they do not cause a bad smell and they activate the color of the skin in a gradual way, thus allowing to control the tone that is desired. Of course, not everything is based on the product, but on how to apply it. To obtain good results, you just have to keep in mind these six tricks:

1. Exfoliate. One day after applying the self-tanning product, exfoliate the skin in the shower with a scrub suitable for the body.

2. Take care of the delicate areas. The night before applying the product, areas such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet should be deeply hydrated. The rest of the body must be left free of any lotion.

3. Wear a glove. There are products that already include a mitt for the application, but if not, it is recommended to apply the lotion with a latex glove to properly distribute all the product over the skin and avoid that remains between fingers, nails and palm of the hand.

4. Apply from bottom to top. The self-tanner should be spread with sweeping movements starting with the legs, working from the bottom up, continuing along the torso of the body and ending with the arms.

5. Wait. The self-tanner works continuously for the next eight hours after application. You should wait between 1 and 3 hours before showering, to avoid losing the effect of the product.

6. Hydrate. To prolong the tan, it is necessary to hydrate the skin daily.

In any case, the specifications of each product must always be read carefully to know if it should be applied in some other specific way.

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